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The Trust has recently raised funds to support the installation of a state of the art PET/CT Scanner at Poole Hospital. The new scanner means more patients have access to sophisticated technology which can improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The installation of this permanent scanner at Poole has also cut down waiting times for patients. This Scanner takes two types of images and can provide doctors with vital clinical information that allows more effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

What is a PET/CT Scanner?

It takes positron emission tomography (PET) scans and computerised tomography (CT) scans. The PET scan provides a detailed three-dimensional image of how certain functions of the body are working. The CT scan adds to this by providing a detailed image of the anatomy inside the body.

A PET/CT scan image is, therefore, a fusion of both the function and appearance of the affected body part. These scans are mainly used to help in the diagnosis of a range of different cancers and work out the best way to treat them. The scan can show how far a cancer has spread, how well it is responding to treatment or whether any cancerous cells remain after a course of treatment has been completed.

As PET/CT scanners are so expensive they have, up until now, only been found at large teaching hospitals or on huge mobile units that travel between district hospitals. Because of the lack of availability, PET scans tend only to be recommended for people with complex health problems. They are not routinely used to diagnose cancer, but often used in confirmed cancer cases to see how far the cancer has spread and whether treatment has been effective. In addition, waiting times have been long in counties such as Dorset where the PET/CT lorry has only visited on a weekly basis.

However in an effort to make PET/CT scans available to a wider range of patients in Dorset, Poole Hospital Cancer Treatment Trust / Scanner Appeal (registered charity no: 264841) has been working with Alliance Medical and Poole Hospital to install a permanent PET/CT scanner at Poole Hospital, this is now in place. The scanner will serve the population of Dorset, bringing the best cancer imaging available to our doorstep.

We are also planning to provide the radiology department with a new ultrasound machine and anticipate further requests in the coming months.


Browse through our website and you can see the various ways in which you can donate to our ongoing appeal. Contact us direct on 01202 888895 to speak to the Chairman Stuart Dean or email – cheques can be made payable to Poole Hospital Cancer Treatment Trust or Poole Body Scanner Appeal. Finally, you can donate through our website via the Just Giving app on our donations page.


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